PTEA At a Glance

Association origins stem from protecting textile industry’s interests and improve the economic well-being of Pakistan. PTEA is a corporate licensed organization by the Government of Pakistan under Trade Organizations Act 2013 and incorporated in 1985 under the company’s ordinance 1984.

Who We are

Since its inception in 1985, PTEA has been consistently and successfully advocating the interests of its members and worked for the solution of problems faced by them expanding their businesses. Association name was changed from “All Pakistan Cloth Exporters Association” to “Pakistan Textile Exporters Association” 


To play a significant role in developing policy framework for improving business environment and economic growth of Home Textiles, Made-Ups and Fabrics Sector and To protect, promote and develop export of Cloth/Fabrics, Made-Ups, Home Textiles and help increase foreign exchange earnings of the Country.


We are focused at this maximization of textile manufacturing and export potential by forming a winning combination of best business efforts and supportive government policies. We are targeted at the accomplishment of ideal textile manufacturing and exports to boost economy and serve the nation.

Online Verification

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Latest Events

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Market Insights

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Issuance of Certificate

The provision of  official documentation or certificates to verify certain information about the exporters.

Dissemination of Market Inquiries

Dissemination of information and training for capacity building of upcoming entrepreneurs.

Support in Government Related Issues

Assistance in early receipt of sales tax refunds.Performing advocacy & lobbying role.

Exchange of Views

Exploration of new markets and building B2B ties by arranging trade delegations.

Issuance of Visa recommendation letter

Ensures that the exporters seeking visa recommendation letters are registered and active members of the association.